Daniel T. Durant, MD

Providing over 34 years of clinical experience, Dr. Durant focuses his care in the diagnosis, management and treatment of complex eye diseases. He is a board certified, comprehensive ophthalmologist as well as a partner at Eye Care Associates.

Dr. Durant received his medical degree in ophthalmology from the University of Nebraska Medical School, where he also completed his residency. He provides optimal care with his practice, specializing in cataract evaluations, glaucoma, contact lenses, the retina, eyelids and medical eye exams. He is a member of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Dr. Durant sees patients with conditions including:

  • Cataract evaluation.
  • Glaucoma evaluation and treatment.
  • Eyelid evaluation; droopy eyelids and excess eyelid skin.
  • Retinal exam including evaluation of diabetes mellitus, both non-insulin and insulin dependent, wet and dry macular degeneration, flashes and floaters.
  • Contact lens fitting – soft, toric for astigmatism, gas permeable and bifocal contact lenses. Difficult cases are welcomed.
  • Diagnosis of dry eyes and comprehensive treatment.
  • Corneal and external diseases, infections, allergies, red eyes, and chalazion.
  • Eyeglass prescriptions.

Here is what Dr. Durant’s patients have to say...

“Dr. Durant saved my eyesight twice! He has talent and exceptional people skills… I highly recommend him, he is the best of the best”
– Susan D.

“I have been seeing Dr. Durant for 20 years. He always makes me feel comfortable… he is very thorough and pleasant.”
– Mark K.

“He has kept me seeing for many years and I trust he will enable me to see until I am 110! That’s 14 more years.”
– Ray S.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Durant for over 40 years… I would recommend him to anyone.”
– EC

“Dr. Durant has been a wonderful doctor for me… I have been his patient for 20 years.”
– Mary K.

“Excellent care of my eyes for 25 years. He answers questions, explains and is easy to talk to.”
– Judy R.

“I have been a patient for many years… I wouldn’t change.”
– Wallace R.

A native of Washington D.C., Dr. Durant graduated from the University of Maryland. He is a member of the academic honor society Alpha Kappa Delta. Prior to medical school, he worked toward a Ph.D. in physiology and has a published paper at the University of Nebraska Medical School. As a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps, he was honored and presented with the prestigious US Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service.

Dr. Durant sees patients at our Northeast Minneapolis location at the Silver Lake Plaza Medical Building at 4001 Stinson Blvd NE, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55421 (612-788-1621).