Testimonials for Dr. Rubenfeld

“Dr. Rubenfeld’s quick diagnosis of the optic nerve stroke in my left eye and the referral for a cardio workup quite possibly saved me from suffering a much more debilitating stroke. She saw immediately what an eye specialist in Phoenix had missed. She is a wonderful person and a great doctor.”

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Rubenfeld since 1995 and would recommend her to anyone who needs an ophthalmologist. Besides her outstanding qualifications and experience, she is down-to-earth and incredibly respectful. She takes the time to explain things that are complicated and makes sure I understand. I’ve had cataract surgery, as well as some additional procedures, and all have been much easier than I expected.”

“Dr. Rubenfeld diagnosed my problem very quickly after not knowing what was wrong with my eyes for nearly 8 months. My follow-up visits have been very thorough and she is an excellent doctor.” 

“Dr. Marian Rubenfeld is an excellent doctor who is very caring and personable. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results; they far exceeded my expectations.”

“I had an appointment with Dr. Rubenfeld and it was an enjoyable experience. Now I can see why my good friend recommended her to me.”

“Dr. Rubenfeld I was referred to her by my endocrinologist. I saw her several times and then she said that we had it all stabilized and that I could probably see an eye doctor to have my eyes checked. I was having trouble again and I couldn’t get her answering people to return my call. She was really good and I really liked her. If I have to I will go back to my endocrinologist and get a referral because I really liked her. She was very aware of my situation because I don’t have a thyroid. She was very concerned about it and she did twice the tests that I’ve ever had done with my eyes before. I saw her for 4 or 5 years. She was very good. The office was friendly and nice. I was able to see her within 2 weeks.”

“Their exams are very thorough. Dr. Rubenfeld also looks after me because I have been having migraines in my eye. She strongly urged me to get back with my neurologist. When I couldn’t get in to see my neurologist, she called and got me an earlier appointment. She was also willing to write a letter to my insurance company to get my insurance company to cover the lenses that I needed and the frames that they normally wouldn’t cover. I have had a stroke and so, she really spends more time than an average eye doctor I have ever had. She is compassionate and can really get what I am going through. While doing an exam, she checks to see if anything has changed. I am crazy about her.”

“Dr. Rubenfeld has been my ophthalmologist for 10-15 years. I was recommended to her by an optometrist, and I have been seeing her every year for eye exams. It has always been a very satisfying experience.”