Contact Lenses

At Eye Care Associates we are experts in contact lenses. We have eight ophthalmologists and two optometrists to help you make the best decisions as to what contact lenses best fit your needs.

Our patients truly experience the benefits of buying contacts from us. Our pricing is extremely competitive; even when compared with internet pricing. For our patients’ convenience we maintain an extensive sample inventory so patients can try new contacts. This inventory includes bifocals, silicone hydrogel, contacts for astigmatism and a wide variety of daily disposables.

Dr. Edwin Glur is a true expert in fitting contacts; he has been doing it for more than 40 years. He keeps current on all the latest technologies and products. Here is what he had to say on about the topics that patients ask about most often:


“So many people are walking around wearing contact lenses made of old, outdated materials. Even when patients come in and say they have no problems at all with their current contacts, I always ask them to rate their comfort level from 0-10. And when people tell me that they are at a 7 or 8 I know that there is a good chance that they could benefit greatly from the latest innovations in contact lenses. Because I have decades of contact lens experience, I can choose the best contact lens for my patient’s unique requirements. My favorite thing is when a patient leaves the office and says ‘Why didn’t I do this before now?’”


“Monovision is a technique that allows patients to be able to see far away with one eye and near with the other. 95% of the patients that we see in our Medical Arts office sit at a computer for a good portion of the day. They spend much of the day using their eyes for intermediate and close distances. I’ve had a great deal of success in satisfying these patients with monovision contacts. I’ve been wearing them for more than 15 years and they work great. Contact us today if you need to buy contact lenses.”


“Before a patient gets a prescription they try out the contacts using samples. We never write a prescription for anyone until we see the sample lens on their eye and know that they are completely satisfied with their vision and their comfort. The technician spends time with them making sure that the patient can put them in and remove them correctly. Occasionally it will take two or three visits to get a contact that is just right, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that our patients are happy and satisfied.”


“Another advantage of coming to Eye Care Associates for contact lenses is that if we detect a medical eye issue, we have a staff of highly-experience ophthalmologists who can treat the eye problem, usually at the same visit. This avoids the need for a referral to another office and a delay in treatment.”