Testimonials for Dr. Goyal

“Dr. Goyal addressed any questions and concerns I had. My PRK surgery to fix my poor vision was great and I never worried a bit. If I had any problem after surgery, Dr. Goyal advised me to call anytime. Great doctor!”

“Dear Dr. Goyal, you probably won’t remember me as I’ve only seen you once complaining of the misery of wearing RGP contact lenses when I have very dry eyes. I’d been told by three other eye docs that absolutely everything that can be done for dry eyes was already being provided for me. By the time I followed up on a suggestion from a friend that I see a Phillips doc, I was desperate. One week later, the difference I’m experiencing is just plain wonderful. The changes you made in medication and the tips on washing/compress techniques has me feeling so much more comfortable all day and during the night also. Each day there is more improvement! I can live with this now and, for the first time in a long time, I can concentrate on what I’m doing rather than always feeling preoccupied with my eyes. Thank you very much. If your practice is open to taking new patients, I’ll be switching over to you for total eye care… with great relief.”

“Dr. Goyal is a great eye doctor and gives me lots of time and attention. He is also very patient with my questions and answers them very thoroughly.”

“Dr. Goyal is an outstanding doctor. His dedication to complete accuracy in my PRK procedure was evident. I am very glad to have found him.”

“Dr. Goyal is who I specifically see is in the Minneapolis office. He is very nice. He does extra tests that are not required, especially if he knows about your family history.”