Testimonials for Dr. Goyal

“I had a severe eye inflammation which made my life difficult for almost nine months. I tried everything… By luck, I picked Dr. Goyal from the directory of Medical Arts’ physicians. And how smart I was! He prescribed me a treatment that worked its magic in no time. Dr. Goyal magic! I was so impressed! Dr. Goyal is an example of professionalism. He is intelligent, organized, very attentive, and kind. We need more doctors like Dr. Goyal! In ophthalmology, and in other medical specialties!”

“I would trust him completely with any type of eye treatment. My experience with him has been very positive before, during and after surgery as well as routine follow-up visits.”

“Dr. Goyal performed cataract surgery on my right eye in 2007 and my left eye in January of 2018. I have been totally pleased both times. Dr. Goyal and his staff are the epitome of professionalism. I highly recommend him.”

“I have some serious eye problems, including idiopathic optic neuritis, several bouts of central serous retinopathy and one episode of a torn retina. Dr. Goyal has been my primary eye doctor for 15 years, and is a caring, deliberate doctor that cares very much about me as a person, takes all the time necessary to address my concerns, consults with specialists as needed, and takes a proactive approach to my care. I feel my eye health is in good hands with him.”

“After moving to Minneapolis from the East Coast, I was very fortunate to find Dr. Dinesh Goyal. He has performed cataract surgery on me, stabilized my glaucoma and lowered by eye pressures. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Goyal to anyone who is looking for top tier eye care. I am also pleased to report that his bed-side, desk-side, and chair-side manner will win you over. This man has the whole package.” 

“Excellent visit today with Dr. Goyal. He’s been my eye doctor for more than 10 years, and it’s been a pleasant experience each time I’ve been there. I’ll be forever grateful to Dr. Goyal when he treated me for uveitis nine years ago.”

“I have been a patient for about 10 years. I have found Dr. Goyal to be calm, patient and he takes the time necessary to talk with me and answer all of my questions.”

“Dr. Goyal is very knowledgeable and cares for his patients. I always ask many questions and he clearly explains what’s going on. I’d be comfortable going to him with any eye situation because of how he’s treated me in the past and the fact that he’s probably encountered everything eye related.”

“Previous ophthalmologists were disappointing and didn’t seem to care about the problems I had with floaters. Dr. Goyal set me at ease and monitored the situation for several years as it became more troublesome. At the right time he recommended both cataract surgery and vitrectomy for both eyes. This has been very successful and I have my sight back. I am very pleased with Dr. Goyal.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Goyal for about 10 years. He and his staff are always very helpful when I have questions. He has done cataract surgery on both of my eyes and the entire process was excellent. He is very thorough. I appreciate his calm and positive manner. The nurses at the hospital told me they think he is one of the best Drs. and that was nice to hear. My instructions were clear and complete and he was reassuring when I was unsure. Dr. Goyal is friendly and easy to talk to.”

“I have been coming to this clinic since they opened, and he was assigned to me. It has been a good match, with all my questions answered, and staff has been very accommodating and helpful. I had some issues with the measured glass correction several years ago, and this was taken care of promptly soon after. No concerns at all with clinic or seeing Dr. Goyal.”

“I first went to see Dr. Goyal in March of 2015 due to a severe case of Iritis. He was beyond thorough in my diagnosis and has continued to be in my treatment. He always makes time for each of his patients, and I never feel rushed even if he’s running behind.”

“My daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Goyal’s for many years and we have always been impressed with the time and care he provides us. Having eye issues is extremely frustrating and I appreciate his compassion and care and honesty about what this journey might be. We are extremely grateful that he is our doctor.”

“Dr. Goyal first saw me when I had a torn retina. He took immediate action and referred me to Dr. Bhavsar at Phillips Eye Clinic for laser repair, which was successful. Dr. Goyal also performed cataract surgery, separately on both eyes, with intraocular multi-focal lens implants. Both surgeries were completely successful (and pain-free) and my vision is improved to 20/20 reading and 20/30 distance. Dr. Goyal continues to monitor my vision needs – completely satisfied. I recommend his service.”

“Wow, Dr. Goyal is professional, thorough, and explains the situations that applies to you. I always have a good experience when in the office. Very concerned about my eyes and health in general.”

“Dr. Goyal has been my Ophthalmologist for at least ten years. Every visit has been professional and I’ve left 100% satisfied. I have a chronic vision problem for which he has been a great resource. About four years ago I had a retinal tear and they saw me immediately had linked me up with the correct eye surgeon for that problem. His manner and style is caring and professional and when he says “I’ll see you in six months” or “I’ll see you in a year” I know that he’ll remember me. Awesome!!!”

“Dr. Goyal saved my eyesight after an accident cut my eye in half.”

“I recommend Dr. Goyal to all of my friends and family. I’ve been seeing him since I moved back from New York in 2004. He’s so patient, kind, and extremely knowledgable. He takes a great approach to treatment plans, talking me through them, writing them down for me, and taking the time to answer all of my questions. He has also been super helpful in educating me about general eye care and warm compresses.”

“Dr. Goyal is a highly skilled surgeon and physician, gracious, and accessible, explaining and answering all possible questions.”

“I have an extremely complicated eye situation with both retinas detaching a few years ago. For insurance reasons, I had to change to Dr. Goyal after the surgery. This was the best decision that I have made in my life. He is brilliant, and sometimes literally a miracle worker regarding my eyes. With the double retina attachments come continual surprises, he has been able to diagnose correctly and treat each challenge, I sincerely think my sight would not be as good today as it is without him.”

“Getting an appointment is quick and efficient, the staff is warm and friendly as well as efficient. Dr. Goyal is very good at explaining what is happening to my eyes and guiding me to the needed care. I highly recommend him.”

“An excellent ophthalmologist and surgeon. He has been my eye doctor for 10 years or so. About 5 years ago he performed cataract surgery on both my eyes over a period of a few months) and I’ve enjoyed excellent vision again.”

“Thoughtful and careful. I appreciate that Dr. Goyal remembers me from visit to visit. I am very confident of his care of my eyes.”

“Dr. Goyal did cataract surgery on my left and right eye in June and July of 2018 with follow up visits afterwards. He explained the aftercare eye drops and when to discontinue. The medical team was amazing. My vision is great and I appreciated his professionalism.”

“I have gone to Dr. Goyal for my eye care now for a number of years. Recently, Dr. Goyal did cataract surgery on both of my eyes. From my experience with him, I would give him the highest recommendation. His patient relationship is excellent and referrals on his skill level are top notch.”

“Dr. Goyal is an excellent practitioner who listens, and responds to the patients concerns thoroughly and thoughtfully. The clinic is very well run as well.”

“My “older eyes” are changing; challenging my vision. I trust and appreciate Dr. Goyal’s diagnoses and treatment of the various problems my eyes have had. Knowledgable, Resourceful.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Goyal for 7 years. I have Fuchs Dystrophy and he did a full cornea transplant surgery for me in 2011. He is a very brilliant surgeon and has always been exceptionally concerned and thorough with any problems I have had. I trust him fully with the health of my eyes.”

“I found out in 2010 that I had cataracts and there was no prescription that would solve the problem. Dr. Goyal explained how a plastic lens could be inserted into each eye to correct my vision. After the first procedure, I was seeing 20/20. A month later, he did the second eye with the same result. A year and a half later, I had to have laser treatment call yag capsulotomy which was fantastic. It corrected a problem approx. 30% of us will have. I now see 20/15 in each eye…there was no guarantee what my outcome would be, but I’m ever so grateful for my new vision. I thank Dr. Goyal and his team.”

“Dr. Goyal did an excellent job for me. My eyes are now cataract-free and he was able to preserve my Lasik. Very committed to the well-being of his patients and willing to answer questions.”

“I have been a patient for several years. Recently Dr. Goyal performed cataract surgery on both eyes, with excellent results. He has always been concerned, understanding and very knowledgeable. I have recommended Dr. Goyal to family and friends.”

“My husband and I have been Dr. Goyal’s patients for several years and we have total confidence in his practice, treatment, and counsel.”

“Very kind and attentive to me. Always answers questions and asks if I have any concerns. Explains what is going on during exam and any problem areas.”

“The Philips Eye Institute where Dr. Goyal operates is the best and I cannot stress enough what a great job Dr. Goyal and the medical facility did for me.”

“Appointments with him are thorough yet conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. He’s able to carry on a casual, comfortable conversation while still accomplishing all that needs to be done during my annual exam. I’m forever grateful to him for helping me about nine years ago, when he diagnosed me with uveitis and treated me – successfully – over the course of several follow-up visits. Happily, the uveitis cleared up, and in the years since it’s always been great to see him for my annual eye exams.”

“Dr. Goyal is a brilliant physician, who takes the time with his patients to explain in detail, the conditions of the eye.”

“He is calm and pleasant. He always takes the time necessary to listen and explain everything so I understand. I have referred family and friends to Dr. Goyal.”

“Dr. Goyal is a first rate ophthalmologist. He is both efficient, patient, and helpful in answering questions and concerns. I highly recommend him.”

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Goyal for at least ten years. At 66 I’ve had quite a few vision changes and one serious retina problem. Dr. Goyal and his staff have provided very professional, respectful and appropriate care. He’s the kind of MD I want to have for the rest of my life.”

“Dr. Goyal always makes sure all of my questions are answered. He goes above and beyond to make sure I feel heard and educated about my condition. I recommend him to all of my friends and family. He even photocopied an article for me about new research on my eye condition.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Goyal for over 12 years. I was first impressed with not only his knowledge and drive to be an educated and informed Dr. He sincerely cares, takes the time to educate myself about how important eye care is and makes good medical decisions with his patients best interest in mind. I have referred my mother who he successfully performed cataract surgery with great results.”

“Dr. Goyal did an excellent job taking care of my mother during her cataract surgery and now afterwards. So good I changed offices and now am a patient of Dr. Goyal’s myself.”

“Dr. Goyal has been my Opthmologist for several years, I had to change to him after having double retinal detachments for insurance reasons. He is a BRILLIANT Doctor, with double retinal issues, comes a complexity of problems. In EVERY case he has diagnosed correctly, and prescribed the required medications when needed. My vision today is superb. Without his knowledge and guidance, I know that my vision would be somewhat impaired today. He is a MIRACLE WORKER!!”

“Dr. Goyal is an excellent physician, highly trained and educated, and careful and thorough in his examinations. He’s pleasant, kind and really seems to enjoy his work. I have seen many different eye doctors over the years and I intend to remain in his care indefinitely. He’s an excellent doctor with a good sense of humor as well.”

“I am very confident about Dr. Goyal treating my various vision issues. I would highly recommend him.”

“Any questions and concerns I had were addressed. My PRK surgery to fix my poor vision was great and I never worried a bit. If I had any problem after surgery, Dr. Goyal advised me to call anytime. Great doctor!”

“Dr. Goyal addressed any questions and concerns I had. My PRK surgery to fix my poor vision was great and I never worried a bit. If I had any problem after surgery, Dr. Goyal advised me to call anytime. Great doctor!”

“Dear Dr. Goyal, you probably won’t remember me as I’ve only seen you once complaining of the misery of wearing RGP contact lenses when I have very dry eyes. I’d been told by three other eye docs that absolutely everything that can be done for dry eyes was already being provided for me. By the time I followed up on a suggestion from a friend that I see a Phillips doc, I was desperate. One week later, the difference I’m experiencing is just plain wonderful. The changes you made in medication and the tips on washing/compress techniques has me feeling so much more comfortable all day and during the night also. Each day there is more improvement! I can live with this now and, for the first time in a long time, I can concentrate on what I’m doing rather than always feeling preoccupied with my eyes. Thank you very much. If your practice is open to taking new patients, I’ll be switching over to you for total eye care… with great relief.”

“Dr. Goyal is a great eye doctor and gives me lots of time and attention. He is also very patient with my questions and answers them very thoroughly.”

“Dr. Goyal is an outstanding doctor. His dedication to complete accuracy in my PRK procedure was evident. I am very glad to have found him.”

“Dr. Goyal is who I specifically see is in the Minneapolis office. He is very nice. He does extra tests that are not required, especially if he knows about your family history.”