The providers at Eye Care Associates can diagnose hyperopia as part of a comprehensive eye examination. They will determine if you have hyperopia by using a standard vision test, where you are asked to read letters on a chart placed at the other end of the room, and other measurements.

Hyperopia is also known as “farsightedness” or “hypermetropia”. It is an ocular condition in which the refracting power of the eye causes light rays entering the eye to have a focal point that is posterior to the retina while accommodation is maintained in a state of relaxation. Visual acuity in patient who are farsighted is better at far distances than at near distances.

If the vision test shows that you are farsighted, our doctors will use certain examination devices to learn what is causing the hyperopia. By shining a special light into your eyes, a retinoscope will be used to see how light reflects off your retina. As the light is reflected back from inside the eye, it can indicate whether a person is farsighted or nearsighted. A proper eyeglass prescription can be used to correct your refractive error.