Macular Degeneration

The macula is a highly specialized area of the retina, responsible for the finest focus of your vision and the detection of color. This delicate part of the eye is particularly vulnerable to age, ultraviolet light, and other factors that can lead to deterioration of vision. Whether "dry" (atrophic) or "wet" (hemorrhagic), macular degeneration leads to the loss of central vision, a source of constant frustration for those affected. The condition is most effectively treated in its earliest stages.

Many new therapies are being developed to treat macular degeneration, which is becoming increasingly prevalent as our population ages. Laser treatment, photodynamic therapy, and vitamins are just some of the options available to those suffering from the condition. Special lenses and magnifying devices can be used by those who find that conventional lenses do not offer sufficient clarity. We work closely with the Low Vision Clinic at the Phillips Eye Institute to provide our patients with whatever visual aids they might require.